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(Anguilla) Ltd

The Hallmark Building, Old Airport Road
The Valley, Anguilla , B.W.I.
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Scott Hauser, MSc / MIT -- Director


CORPORATE NAMES: Prohibited names are ones that suggest the patronage of the Royal Family, the UK Government, a political party, a university, or a professional association. Restricted names are ones that the Registrar may consider to be misleading, and include bank, financial, trust, and insurance. Such words can only be used in company names with the express consent of the Registrar. The name of an IBC must end in one of the following: Ltd., Corp, Inc., SA, NV, or GmbH.

MINIMUM CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: There is no minimum capital requirement, but Government fees are higher for companies with an authorized capital in excess of US$50,000.00

TAXES: There are no taxes or exchange controls on Anguilla.

SHARES: Shares (or fractions thereof) may be issued for any value or consideration, may be transferred in any manner, may be either par value, or no par value, or a combination of par value and no par value. Bearer shares may also be issued, and are transferable by simple delivery.

INCORPORATION: On filing a basic two-page form (i.e. Form 8, The Articles of Incorporation), the company is created with the full capacity of, and all rights, powers, and privileges of, an individual.

TRANSFER OF DOMICILE: Domicile may be relocated into or out of Anguilla.

DIRECTORS: There is no need for more than one director, who may be the sole shareholder, and there is no need for any additional officer to be appointed. Directors may be either an individual or a company; need not be resident on Anguilla; may hold office until death, resignation or replacement; may set their own emolument; may be fully indemnified; may appoint alternatives. Directors have full control over the affairs of the company without the need of additional by-laws to confer particular powers. Directors need not appear on any public record.

RESTRICTIONS: An IBC is restricted from conducting business with persons resident on Anguilla, conducting banking or trust business, conducting insurance or reinsurance business, conducting the business of providing company management services. An IBC may maintain bank accounts, retain professional advisors carrying on business within Anguilla, maintain records, hold meetings, and lease office space.

REPORTING REQUIREMENTS: Neither shareholders nor officers appear on any public record, at any time. A simple, one page, annual return form and associated fees must be submitted on the anniversary date of incorporation. The Registered Office is required to maintain certain basic records (i.e. Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, common seal, share register, corporate minutes and resolutions).

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