Professional Services Group of Anguilla (established in 1990)
The Hallmark Building, Old Airport Road, The Valley, Anguilla, BWI.
Tel: (264) 497 3575 / Fax: (264) 497 3577 / Web:

Scott Hauser, MSc / MIT -- Group Chairman

Three Anguilla Companies dedicated to Professionally representing
Internationally Established Businesses (please scroll down)

Professional Realty Services (Anguilla) Ltd
Offering Luxury Villas, Classic Homes, Undeveloped Land and
Commercial Property for purchase

Professional Corporate Services (Anguilla) Ltd
Incorporating International Business Companies for overseas clients

Stone Cellar Art Gallery
The Historic Old Factory

Showcasing Caribbean Plein Aire Paintings & Prints

Featured Artists:
Roland Richardson
John Thompson
Bob Bean