Professional Corporate Services
(Anguilla) Ltd

The Hallmark Building, Old Airport Road
The Valley, Anguilla , B.W.I.
Tel (264) 497 3573 * Fax (264) 497 3577

Scott Hauser, MSc / MIT -- Director

Serving the International Professional Community since 1990

Professional Corporate Services (Anguilla) Ltd. is dedicated to providing efficient, timely, and cost effective services for company incorporations and related corporate management requirements.

Professional Corporate Services (Anguilla) Ltd. specializes in providing financial services to offshore professionals who are Registered with ACORN as Overseas Agents and who, in turn, "resell" these services to their individual clients.

ProCorp is Anguilla's foremost provider of Registered Office Services for ACORN Overseas Agents, as we represent a significant number of prominent corporate clients worldwide--as can be confirmed by viewing Anguilla's Financial Services Directory and clicking on Overseas Agents.

To activate ACORN access through ProCorp's' office, please review and complete the following forms and submit them to us with the requested attachments: Government's ACORN Application Form, ProCorp's ACORN Overseas Agent Agreement, and ProCorp's Due Diligence confirmation letter.

ProCorp also offers personalized service to select Individual Accounts on a direct relationship basis.

Professional Corporate Services (Anguilla) Ltd. is duly licensed to carry on the business of company management, as defined in the Company Management Ordinance of 1994.

For further information about Anguilla, the Anguilla Financial Services Department and Anguilla's Corporate Legislation please click on the highlighted links.

In addition, ProCorp is a full member in good standing of the Anguilla Financial Services Association, the pre-eminent private sector alliance of professional financial service practitioners on Anguilla.

Professional Corporate Services (Anguilla) Ltd. has been serving the international financial professional community since 1990, with Scott L. Hauser (B.A. / Kenyon, 1976; M.Sc. / MIT, 1989) as the Company's managing director since inception.

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