Professional Corporate Services
(Anguilla) Ltd

The Hallmark Building, Old Airport Road
The Valley, Anguilla , B.W.I.
Tel (264) 497 3573 * Fax (264) 497 3577

Scott Hauser, MSc / MIT -- Director



Thank you for your interest in Anguilla, International Business Companies, and ProCorp.

To incorporate an IBC, please complete our Company Application and return with requested attachments and specified fees.

Additional information and assistance is available to help you complete the Company Application--please email us for guidance as necessary.

In addition to the actual legislation, please click on International Business Companies - An Overview for a general detailing of Anguilla's IBC requirements.

All information provided to ProCorp is protected under the Confidential Relationships Ordinance.

The following Incorporation Documentation is provided as standard:

In addition to the above Incorporation Documentation, Annual Returns on provided on each anniversary date of incorporation (provided fees are received)

All of the above documents are sent to you via airmail unless courier service is requested--courier fees are billed at cost.

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